Monday, January 4, 2016

Ok you might have noticed that I have not posted anything to my blog in several days. The reason for this is I didn't feel like it. The great thing about being the Blogg-er instead of the Blogg-ee is you don't have to post shit if you don't feel like it. You see on my blog I am the king. It's good to be king.

Hey are some interesting statistics.  And I base this on absolutely nothing. The population of the world is split into roughly three groups. There are the assholes. There are the idiots. And there are those who are idiot assholes. There are of course a very few who are pretty much okay but their number is so small as to be statistically insignificant. Feel free to amaze your friends and coworkers with this interesting factoid.

I ate a bug once. It tasted like bug.

I have a guinea pig.  She's fat. I don't say nothing though. That is fat shaming and that shit is wrong.  Some places people eat guinea pigs. I'm told they taste like chicken.  It's nice that they don't taste like bug.

Naughty words for today:
Shit - 2 times
Asshole - 2 times

Hmmm. I think we're light on naughty words.

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