Tuesday, March 1, 2016

 So, I was talking to Puddy this morning and she said "you know Melvin, I thought about you yesterday" I said "Well it's good to be thought of." She grinned. - You know, Puddy has a nice accent. I never really noticed before. Kind of lyrical and sophisticated for a cat. I digress. - "Yeah" she said, "I was eating some rat guts and I thought, you know, I'll bet this is just what Melvin's pinky toe would taste like." "Really?" I said. "Just how often do you think about what my various body parts taste like?" "Pretty much all the time" she answered.
I started thinking about that. I don't really have anything like that to keep my mind occupied. I just bounce around thinking of all kinds of stuff. As a matter of fact, aside from talking pets and visits from aliens, my life is awfully mundane. I guess I need a hobby.

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