Friday, March 25, 2016

To my 0's of loyal readers. I am not dead. Just lazy.

I have been offended. This very morning, I was explaining to my barista that skim milk is not really milk at all, but is only the water that they wash the cow's titties in before it is milked. She was suitably impressed. All of a sudden this random guy next to me said "bullshit". I was stunned. Firstly, that anybody would take anything I said seriously, and secondly that this person had the unmitigated gall to call bullshit. I said "Sir, just because you have been to school and you know how to read and write and your house does not have wheels, you do not have the right to call my made up bullshit into question". My entire education, up to and including my doctorate degree, is based solely on that bullshit. The glue that binds civilization together, is the fine balance between the veracity and deniability of my bullshit. Feel free to be impressed and to quote me anytime you to choose. To call bullshit, however, is just rude.

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