Wednesday, August 31, 2016

I feel like poking things with a pointy stick today. So while I am out wielding the mighty stick of pointyness, here is an article of great importance that I shared on Facebook a short while ago.

Looked through FB this morning and need to mention a couple of things. 
     Firstly, I am offended by that thing that somebody posted that may or may not have included a reference to something I did not like. Could have included fat shaming, slut shaming, gay shaming, the word retard, the n word, the c word or the f word. I want you to know that I am really annoyed, mad, crushed, or irked. You should change your life immediately. 
     Secondly, I am making eleventy grillion dollars a minute doing practically nothing on my computer. You are a complete moron if you don't click *here* and see the bullshit creepy ad that may or may not contain a computer virus or ebola. 
     And lastly that kid or dog or soldier or whatever will certainly spontaneously combust if you dont click and share. Oh and the devil wins if you don't click on the picture of Jesus with that other guy, I forget his name.

Naughty words:
   Seriously? 1 naughty word? 
Ok, Asshole
    There, thats better.

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