Friday, August 5, 2016

I tried to make a post. I really did. But the thing was on, and it made the other thing get all hosed up and pissed me off and things got all wonkie after that. It pissed Kermit off too. He said that he would bite the idiot that thought up touchpads. I think he was just trying to make me feel better. Camo called him a brown noser. That made Kermit bark at the cat really loud. Kermit almost never barks but when he does it could wake up the dead. The cat jumped up and hauled ass. Kermit started laughing at him and that got the cat all pissed off. So now Camo is under the table glaring at Kermit and Kermit is sitting in the middle of the room trying to figure out how to give him the finger. Apparently dogs can't do that. I never knew. Anyway, all that drama got me all bipolar n shit so now I can't post nothing. In fact, I need to take a Valium and sit in the closet until I have to poop. And you think YOU have a difficult life. Cute.

Naughty words:
Pissed x3

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