Sunday, September 11, 2016

Things never stop being weird at Casa de Melvin. Me and Kermit went outside to poop (well he poops and I critique). Anyway, as we were walking by the ditch I heard someone say "Hey Melvin". I said "Who, what"?  I heard "It's me down here". I looked down and there was a large bull frog sitting there looking up at me . I said "Oh, 'sup frog". He said "I need you to do me a favor". I said "What's that"? He said "I need you to kiss me". I said "That ain't likely". He said "But I'll become a handsome prince". I said "Frog, I aint gonna' do that" . He said "So now you going to get all homophobic and shit"? I said "Naw bro, it ain't that. I just don't think talking frogs can be trusted." Frog said "Damn, Melvin. You just may be right". He sat looking up at the stars for a bit, then jumped back in the ditch and disappeared.
On an unrelated note, I think I took my meds twice tonight. Don't think it will hurt nothin' though.

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