Sunday, November 6, 2016

So me and Kermit go for our walk this morning, (well, his walk actually. I don't usually shit in the yard. Most of the time anyway) and I see he has one on deck. (turtle head) But he's looking and sniffing and generally obsessing on finding a good spot. I asked him "Kermit, why the hell do you spend so much effort looking for a spot to shit?" He answered, somewhat annoyed, " Now Melvin you certainly don't shit just anywhere." "In fact I happen to know that you shit in the same spot every time." " AND, you really dislike the old 'stop, drop, and plop' anywhere else." I don't know where he got that. I suspect the cat told him. Camo talks about inappropriate things sometimes. Quite the gossip actually, as cats tend to be. Anyway, the spot was finally located and the (apparently serious) task was accomplished. It must have been a good job too because Kermit scratched off with his hind legs and started running around like he had won the lottery. I hollered after him, " Kermit! What the actual hell are you doing?" He gleefully replied, "Melvin, you know damn well that when you extrude something magnificent, you want to run around the yard and celebrate too." And he's right. I kinda do.

Naughty words:
Shit. Five times
Hell, twice

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