Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Today, boys and girls we will learn about the rare and wonderful Whynotamoose. This is a rather large, but elusive animal in the same general family as the rhinoceros. Whynotami usually have chubby bodies and skinny legs. They are awkward creatures and have very limited hunting skills. They are thus evolved to subsist exclusively on Free Range Sahara Sea Chickens. Luckily, Free Range Sahara Sea Chickens are not uncommon, especially when I close my eyes. The Whynotamoose is indigenous to and is found exclusively in the dark, steamy recesses of my tortured mind. With any luck they will not migrate. I do not, unfortunately, have an illustration to share as they have never been photographed in the wild. However, I will ask my psychiatrist to sketch one out and get back to you.  - Professor Melvin

Naughty words:
No luck today either.

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