Wednesday, May 31, 2017

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You may not know this about me but I was raised by wolves in a tiny Kingdom in the heart of Europe somewhere. I can't spell it so you won't be able to look it up on the map. There are actually more wolves there than there are people and since the wolves like to eat the people, there is usually an extra baby or two lying around. Wolves won't eat the babies because, well, there's not much meat on them. Wolves are smart enough to know that if you give a baby a few years to ripen a bit, there's a pretty good snack there. Occasionally though, for reasons unknown, a wolf will take a human baby back to the pack and raise it as their own. Well that's what happened to me. Now you would think being raised by wolves, that I would have learned things like extraordinary hunting skills, stamina, how to survive in the forest, all the things that makes wolves cool. That's not the case. All I got was fleas and the urge to drag my ass across the carpet.

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