Friday, July 7, 2017

As I was performing my Naked Living Room Ballet this morning It occurred to me that I was having more fun than most people. Even on Friday. Camo did not enjoy the performance as much as I thought he should. I told him "you gettin kinda judgie for a lazy assed old cat. Let's see what you got." I was expecting a good laugh. Even went and found Tiki and told her "watch this shit, it's gonna be hilarious." My jawbone fell out when he started to dance. While the magnificent routine was unfolding in my living room Camo was narrating the moves saying odd stuff like Arabesque, Divertissement, Entrechat, Glissade, Pirouette, PliƩ, and a bunch of shit like that. Now, I don't do "moves". My exuberant expression the "dance" is joyfully random somewhat spastique. I accused him of making up fake words. He laughed and said "look it up you troglodyte". I would, but I can't spell any of it. I told him to go fuck himself.

 Naughty words:
shit 2 times

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