Monday, November 27, 2017

Has anyone ever seen a spam in the wild? I wonder what kind of animal it is. I mean, is it a bird? Is it a mammal? Is it a rodent? Is it a marsupial? Is it a reptile? Is it big? Is it ugly? Is it cute? Does it stink? I don't know any of this shit and yet I eat this stuff all the time. OMG! Suppose they raise them on another planet!? No, the aliens would know about that. Wait. Camo is looking at me. He knows. That furry little shit knows. Look at him sitting there. Gloating. "Hey Camo. You couldn't catch a spam if it crapped on your foot!" He hates it when I do that. He'll tell me. "Hey fat cat. Remember who controls the Meow Mix?" "Yeah, that's right. Gloat now hairball."

Naughty words:
Shit 2 times

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