Monday, November 27, 2017

Here is a handy little quiz I took on Facebook. It's much easier to post it here than to tell all my 0's of loyal readers a bit about myself.

1. What’s your middle name? Melvin
2. What's your favorite pizza? The one I am eating.
3. Favorite flowers? Plastic
4. Did you go to college? I went to Harvard
5. Untie your shoes when taking them off? No
6. Roller coasters? Most of them
7. Favorite ice cream? Mine
8. Favorite thing to do? Partying with the Aliens.
9. Shorts or jeans? No pants. No pants at all.
10. What are you listening to? Vivaldi and SpongeBob SquarePants
11. Favorite color? Yellow
12. Tattoos? No
13. Color of hair? Brown & Gray. Blonde on drag night.
14. Color of eyes? Blue or bloodshot
15. Favorite thing to eat? Chili
16. Favorite holiday? My birthday, duh
17. Beer or wine? Neither. Irish whiskey.
18. Night owl or morning person? Night
19. Favorite day of the week? Any one in which I manage not to die.
20. Do you have a nickname? Yes, yes I do.

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