Thursday, May 31, 2018

As you can no doubt imagine, I have been just obsessed with all things "Royal Family" lately. As I have been scouring the interwebber thingy I have discovered some things I did not know about the "Royals". Did you know than if you are "Royal" there are things you just CAN"T do? You can't fart out loud, pick and roll, pick and eat, dig your ass (no matter how bad it itches), pull your drawers out of your crack, pull someone else's drawers out of their crack, give anyone the finger, blow your nose "farmer John" style, use the "F word" - ever, call the fancy ladies "bitches", wear socks that don't match, go without pants, refer to the Queen as "Big Momma", change your oil in the driveway, chase a greased pig through the palace, or flirt with a sheep. I don't care how important they are to their country, people just can't be expected to live that way. It's hard not to feel sorry for them.

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