Friday, September 7, 2018

I'm sacrificing my vacuuming time this afternoon to watch Japanese monster movies. I'm learning so much. It's only a matter of time before my ninja monster army will be ready.

Protagonist: giant flying robot with Sphinx head. Cleverly named "Giant Robot" . Antagonist: giant bipedal monster, sporting cow head with horns, and dreadlocks made of chain. Monster in supporting role: Giant floating eyeball with tentacles and suck vision. Easily dispatched by giant robot. ( I am currently beside myself with excitement.)

Critical update: Late arrivals. Giant stingray looking thing with octopus suckers under his wings.  Also Giant rhinoceros looking thing with elephant trunks for ears. Oh Jesus! An alien spaceship! I'm losing my shit!!

Epilogue: Giant robot whipped all the bad monsters. (Well duh.) Then  grabbed bad man and flew him into outer space, sacrificing himself to crash bad man into a comet.

End note: The bad man's minions were some real assholes.

The End

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