Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Christmas Concerns

I don't know what figgy pudding is. But I do not believe I would occupy someone's home and swear not to leave until my demands for it are met. That just doesn't seem to fall within the parameters of Christmas spirit as I understand it.

Another Christmas Oddity that I find objectionable is to have my little hall decked with limbs full of pokey leaves that would scratch my legs and make it difficult to go to my potty to pee. I do not know how this could be festive. I'm sure it would be quite bothersome and unpleasant.

Another thing I believe should be cleared up is the issue of gay apparel. Now don't get me wrong. I am not homophobic by any means. I think Love Is Love and everybody should be happy. However, I am a confident heterosexual. Aside from the trying on of random tiaras from time to time, I am quite happy with the manly man clothing l usually wear.

I should also mention that I'm not at all comfortable with some stranger knowing when I'm sleeping and knowing when I'm awake and knowing when I'm good and knowing when I'm bad. First of all what is his definition of bad. We might have vastly differing opinions on that subject. I do not believe I should be held to someone else's standard of behavior. To have someone stalking me is bad enough, but for that person to be judging me on what he sees is a whole new level of creepy.

Roasted chestnuts and pumpkin pie suck and snow at any time of year is a pain in the ass. I could go on but I think I'm going to sit down with a drink and watch the Grinch.

Naughty words :
Shit 1 time

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