Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Movie night. The movie is "Space Babes From Outer Space". That's right, redundancy in the title. Indicative of the greatness  to come. SO There was a space ship with 3 pretty ladies. They had tiny outfits. They also had bouncy bits. There were gratuitous amounts of bouncing. These space ladies had to crash land on Earth, because - reasons. They hit a barn. There were chickens. There were donkeys. There was a farmer. Didn't see no cows but I can't ⁷guarantee they weren't there. They wound up at a naughty club. The nice man at the naughty place was kind enough to let them bounce.  Generous men at the naughty club kindly gave them some money. Did my heart good to see such selflessness. The generous men seemed thappy to help the bouncy ladies. They put their donations into the ladies' pants. I suppose it was  because the ladies did not have pockets. Anyway,  some gross space bad guys showed up and  tried to get the ladies.  I  don't think the space ladies wanted to go. They bounced vigorously and the ugly space guys didn't get them. Yay! The farmer whose barn got squished by the space ship showed up to see that the bouncing ladies were OK. He saw yhe ladies bouncing and it made him happy. I think he was overacting a bit. Way too excited just to see some ladies bouncing. Two of the bouncing space ladies wanted to go for another space ride. The third one wanted to stay on Earth with the farmer, who was happy about it.  So happy that he decided to go riding on the space ship too. Everybody seemed to be happy.  I think I wouldn't hate going for a spaceship ride with bouncy space ladies too.I wonder if they would let me steer the ship. That would be awesome. The end.

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