Wednesday, November 27, 2019

OK . So.... Flying cars. Where the hell are our Flying cars? Futurists have been predicting Flying cars for 60 or 70 years. By now I should be able to get a used one for cheap. Even a hoopty flying car would be cool. I wonder if they will be "flying" as in soaring through the clouds or just a few feet off the ground. Maybe they will be able to go at least 150 or 200 feet high. That would be high enough to bomb people with dog turds. Not that I would do that.  Will they have AC? Navigation? Leather seats? I like leather seats. With ass warmers! Oh I love my ass warmers. The Magic Melvin Mover has leather seats and ass warmers. It don't fly though. It's almost 2020. The MMM SHOULD BE able to fly. I think we getting hosed here. I mean how long are we supposed to wait? They are screwing around with going back to the moon or Mars? MARS? SCREW THAT! I want my car to fly. They owe us that. The scientists, designers, engineers, and all the other nerds need to drop what they are doing and get me my flying car. A nice  red one with ass warmers.

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