Thursday, February 20, 2020

Serendipity. I have discovered and or invented a new drink. I was taking my substantial handful of pills tonight and washing them all down with apple juice. I like apple juice. I also like Bouron. So I got to thinking Melvin you like apple juice, you like whiskey. Why not combine the two and see what it's like. And I did. And it was very good. I usually don't mix whiskey. I usually just pour over some ice cubes and drink it. I like it that way. But I got to say, Jim Beam and apple juice is pretty damn good. I will name it ......wait for it....... The Melvin. The next time you go to your friendly neighborhood bar be sure to order a Melvin. They won't know what it is until you tell them. It will be awesome, people all over the world will go to the bar and the barkeep will say "what's your name buddy"  and they'll say "Bond , James Bond". And instead of martini shaken not stirred they'll say "I'll have  a Melvin" .

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