Thursday, December 17, 2020

Hallmark Moment

Well, it's that weird time of year when I set aside my snarky cynicism for a little while and watch Hallmark Christmas movies. You know the ones that all have the exact same plot and recycled actors. The characters always Jump through the same Hoops of corny bullshit in order to overcome miscommunication, bad timing, personal demons, and general nonsense so they can set themselves up to know each other in the Biblical sense. The players are all dipped out of the same character pool of problematic parents, clueless exes, quirky townspeople, solid besties, and various and sundry bit players ranging from horrible to lovable. The outcomes are completely inevitable and predictable of course, including the interrupted first kiss which only makes the principal players more eager to suck the faces off of each other's skulls in the warm n fuzzy ending that is to come. It's km entertainment that doesn't require any brain activity from the viewer. And let's be honest here, if not for Hallmark Christmas movies I would have the Grinch on replay from now until New Year's Eve.

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