Wednesday, October 20, 2021


Well I committed another act of cookery today. I made me some red beans and rice. I've never cooked red beans and rice. Hell I don't think I've even ever eaten red beans and rice. But I had some leftover rice and I had a couple of cans of red beans, well kidney beans, but they are red. And a can of Progresso tomato basil soup. I also had a handful of nice size boiled shrimp. Well it was leftover bait from yesterday but whatever. So I dumped it all in a pot put some water in and got me a bunch of spices and dumped em in there from the pile of little bottles I collectively refer to as yummy dust. I cooked all that shit in the pot until I got hungry enough to taste it. I'm guessing that's how you know it's done. Now here's the weird part. That shit was good. I mean real good. I'm saying it's the best red beans in rice anybody has ever cooked anywhere on the planet. And since I've never had red beans in rice I'm basing that boast on pretty much nothing. ?But for now it's the best red beans and rice ever. Until I find out different. Which I probably never will. Because other people's red beans and rice sucks. Naughty words: Hell once Shit twice

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