Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Yurts for Yaks

Melvin, as you may know, has a heart for animals. I love animals. All of them. That's why I've never been hunting and I don't really like the idea of killing things that should have names and be pets. So it should come as no surprise that I have decided to start a charity that I will call "Yurts for Yaks". The mission and purpose of said Charity will be to provide yurts for yaks to live in all over Tibet. It seems that there are many yaks standing around freezing their asses off out in the open because they have no yurts. I really can't let this stand. I will be starting a go fund thingy to raise money for the yak yurts. If I don't get a Nobel Peace Prize out of it, the Nobel prize people can kiss my ass. I'm tired of waiting. Look Nobel dudes, ckeck this out. Some solid "peace charity" shit going on over here. Get on with it. I ain't getting any younger! Naughty words: Ass/asses x2 Shit x1

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